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Catering Brought Right by Zachery

At CBR'Z, I strive to deliver professional service and delicious food each and every time.  There is no menu too "fancy" or too small that I cannot create for you.  I also travel so feel free to contact me any time to discuss your catering options.


Meet Chef Zachery Nellums

"From Shelter to Chef"

Zachery Nellums has over 25 years of experience in the restaurant industry which has afforded him opportunities to gain the extensive knowledge to stand out as a culinary expert and sought-after caterer. He prides himself on quality and service with his business brand. Zachery has always had a heart for service and a love for good food. He is a Navy veteran that understands all too well the hardships that veterans can face, as in prior years he spent six months living at the St. Francis Shelter in Little Rock, AR., a homeless shelter dedicated to serving veterans. It was during this difficult time that Zachery saw that he needed to make some changes for his life and he used this experience as an inspiration to push himself. He focused on what he was passionate about, which was his love for food. Growing up Zachery loved to serve others and give back to his community by bringing people together over good food.

He began to write the plan to take him from shelter to chef and in 2019 he began the journey to start his own catering business. For years of working in the restaurant industry, Zachery dreamed about owning his own business and creating his own quality menus.

"It's just something about working hard to prepare and serve an event and you look up and the whole room is quiet, not because there's someone talking but because the food is that good."


Since its creation in 2019, Zachery has worked tirelessly on his business brand. CBR'Z Catering was originally known as "Catfish, Burgers, Ribs." Zachery knew that in order to increase his reach and build his customer base, he did not need to limit himself to just these things.  He has been expanding his menu and boasts that there is "no menu too fancy or too small."


Today the popular caterer name rings worthy of the quality of food and customer service it brings to a diverse clientele known as Catering Brought Right by Zachery (CBR'Z). The brand continues to grow as it has now expanded to a line of amazing seasonings from the famous Magic Dust, All Purpose and more.


"I have always worked so hard for other companies, giving them my best ideas and strategies while being successful for them. I am excited to try this out for myself!  Taking my catering company full-time will give me the flexibility to try new things and recipes 100% my way."


Interested in having CBR'Z cater your next event?  Request a quote.


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